Five Paleo & Clean Eating Recipes That Only Have Three Ingredients!

The beauty of paleo recipes is that they’re are often simple and fuss free. You’ll rarely find 25 ingredients in a paleo recipe. In fact, all of these recipes have just three basic ingredients.

Chocolate Ice Cream

3 Ingredients: Frozen banana slices, a scoop of cocoa powder, vanilla extract.

A great paleo recipe, one minute you have frozen bananas, the next you have the richest, most indulgent dark chocolate ice-cream. Freeze banana slices, then blitz in a food processor with the cocoa & vanilla. Make sure your blender can take frozen food, or it might crack.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Coconut Bread

3 Ingredients: 6 eggs, a 250g bag of coconut, a teaspoon of baking powder.

Optional extra ingredients: Vanilla extract, Greek yogurt & honey to serve.

One for those who are missing bread. It doesn’t seem like 6 eggs and a bag of coconut will turn into something that makes a good substitute for bread, but it does. This is handy, filling and gluten, dairy & sugar free.  I served mine with Greek yogurt and honey, but almond butter would work well too. Mix the eggs with an electric mixer for 5 minutes, until they’re light & fluffy. Add the vanilla and baking powder. Put it in a greased tin & cook in a preheated oven at 180c for about 20 minutes, then turn the oven down to 150c and cook for another 20 minutes or until it looks done.

Coconut Bread

Battered Fish

3 Ingredients: Fish, eggs, coconut

Everyone has their weakness and if yours is a Friday night chipper try this clean alternative to battered fish. I serve mine with sweet potato fries and green veg. Dip the fish in egg, then coat it in the coconut. Cook it in coconut oil in a hot pan till it’s crispy and cooked through.

Coconut Chicken

Paleo Pancakes:

3 Ingredients: Eggs, almond butter, bananas.

Optional Ingredients: A dash of vanilla extract & fruit, honey, greek yogurt* or whatever you like to serve.

There are lots of recipes out there for paleo pancakes. I like this one, it’s simple, it’s so easy and it’s great for brunch at the weekend. Blitz the ingredients, use a good blob of almond butter because that gives it the pancakey taste. Heat coconut oil in  a pan and cook in batches.

Paleo Pancakes

Omelette Rolls

3 Ingredients: Eggs, avocado, sundried tomatoes

Most paleo fans or clean eaters tend to eat a lot of eggs. Here’s another way to try. Beat the eggs with a twist of salt and pepper (if you have them). Heat oil in a pan and pour in the egg mixture so it coats the bottom like a pancake. When the top has set flip over and cook the other side. Use a good glug of oil to make this easier. Once it’s cooled a little bit roll the egg tortilla up with avocado and the sundried tomatoes and pretend you’re munching on a fat burrito.

Omelette Rolls

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