Paleo Cocktails – Rum and Coconut Water

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Is alcohol Paleo? Well the jury’s out. Let’s face it though, you’re probably going to do it anyway, so let’s make it as Paleo as possible. Let’s start with beer, it’s made from wheat barley & hops so it’s out. Wine has a slightly better rep, Loren Cordain (the Grandaddy of the whole Paleo movement) actually thinks it’s ok. The most popular alcohol amongst followers of the Paleo diet though? That would be low sugar spirits; such as 100% agave tequila, potato vodka, cachaca, unflavoured rum or brandy. The real kicker though is what you mix it with. There’s no point picking the best spirit if you’re going to add sugary syrups and fizzy mixers. Coconut water is known as “nature’s Gatorade”. It’s a sort of natural sports drink because it provides the electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium that you’d normally get in a bottle of Gatorade. It’s good for you but what’s more it tastes great in this yummy Paleo cocktail.

Rum and Coconut Water


  • Rum
  • Coconut Water
  • Limes

What you’ll need

  • Cocktail shaker (students, a jar will probably do)
  • A nice glass


  1. Add two shots of rum, four shots of coconut water and the juice of half a lime to a cocktail shaker full of ice. You can use a large clean jar if you don’t have a shaker, but do try to give it a shake.
  2. Shake and strain into a glass and decorate it with a little strip of lime peel (go on, it’ll be worth it).
  3. Enjoy with a side of nuts or other Paleo snacks.

We can’t guarantee there’ll be no hangover but all those electrolytes have to do some good, right?


Now that’s what I call kitchen accessories


Yummy electrolytes

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