Everyone’s Talking About Nobó – Ireland’s Dairy Free Paleo Ice Cream

The chances are you’ve heard of Nobó by now. It’s the all natural, dairy free “ice-cream” that everyone seems to be talking about. Lucinda O’Sullivan is a fan and it recently made it into Lovin Dublin’s list of the city’s top 10 ice-creams. Yet there’s no one more excited about Nobó than than the paleo community. Each of Nobó’s three flavours are made using a small list of all natural ingredients and, whether it’s intentional or not, they’re all paleo compliant. Hurrah!

Nobo Ingredients

The other thing that makes Nobó stand out from its big name competitors is that its made by a small Irish company. According to the website Nobó was set up by two people called Rachel and Brian and by the looks of it they’ve grafted hard on the farmer’s market circuit to get to where they are now. It’s the kind of small business that it feels good to support.

Nobo Lemon

At about €7.50 a tub Nobó isn’t cheap but for anyone who has wrestled with a blender full of frozen bananas you might just be willing to pay a little extra for ready to go paleo ice cream without the washing up. The lemon flavour is tangy, fresh and creamy. It’s not as rich or sweet as regular ice cream. Which is of course meant as a compliment.

Nobo Lemon

This is just the latest in a range of Irish companies catering for paleo dieters. More and more Irish restaurants are offering paleo options, while Paleo Man Foods and Paleo Meal Deliveries are two Irish companies devoted entirely to the cause. The paleo diet originated in America but it seems that Ireland is fast becoming one of the diet’s strongest outposts.

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