Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas is just around the corner. How do you plan to handle the temptations of Christmas and the pressures of spending time with your extended family. Check out our top 10 tips to help:

1. Make rational decisions, not emotional ones.

The exertions of Christmas and your extended family mean you are exhausted. Your brain has stopped making the decisions and your emotional side is taking over. It wants the path of least resistance, the familiar path with the most immediate reward. Be aware that this is happening and stop your emotions taking over and making decisions you don’t want to make.

2. Plan, plan and plan some more.

Have a plan for the difficult situations that may arise. “If I get offered the Roses tin, then I will reply that I am on a sugar detox and I can have just as much fun without them”. “If the temptations get too much, then I’ll take a walk to de-stress”.

3. Set exercise goals

Don’t neglect your exercise at Christmas, I cannot stress this enough! Exercise is a magical tool that can diffuse family tension, offset Christmas weight gain and put you in a great mood. Plus, with the holidays you’ll have more time to do it. Make an exercise plan and stick to it. If you’re away from home for Christmas bring your runners. You can run or walk anywhere and there’s nothing that will make you feel better than a blast of fresh air before the festivities kick off.

4. Decide what treats you are going to have and enjoy them!

No more unconscious or automatic eating. Don’t munch through half the biscuit tin without even realising it. Want to indulge in your mother’s famous Christmas cake? Then do, but enjoy it, savour it and make it special.

5. Don’t give in to food pushers.

There will always be someone who will try to derail you. You’re making them feel guilty because you’re sticking to your guns –  well that’s their problem, not yours.

6. …..and by that rationale, don’t push your new eating habits on other people either.

Statements like ‘grains are unhealthy’ are unlikely to go down well. Some people love talking about new health regimes, some don’t. Know your audience and don’t be a Paleo bore!

7. Come prepared.

If someone else is making Christmas dinner you probably won’t have full control over what you can eat. It might be frowned upon to turn up with your own entire dinner! But you can bring snacks for yourself, offer to cook eggs for everyone for breakfast or bring a Paleo side to add to the spread at dinner. A nice Paleo dessert is unlikely to be turned down either.

8. Paleo Christmas dinner

Even if someone else is making dinner it can be surprisingly easy to make Christmas dinner Paleo; take the turkey and vegetables and politely decline the stuffing and potatoes.

9. Be realistic.

This is a long term plan. You may not have a 100% Paleo Christmas but do try not to have a complete blow out. Make small changes and they’ll have a big difference.

10. Think about why you’re doing this.

How will you feel if you give in and hit the Roses tin? Will you feel bloated, sluggish and awful? If you stick to your guns will you be more energetic, happier and in a better mood? That’s reason enough for me!

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