Borlottie – Fresh, Paleo Inspired Lunches in the IFSC

Since opening in 2012 Borlottie in the IFSC has been offering healthy breakfast and lunch options to discerning Dublin diners. In their own words Borlottie believes “that our customers deserved an offering that we aspired to – freshly made for you in front of you, really good nutritionally rich, healthy options (the way it should be) giving our customers the choice to move away from processed, pre made pre packed options”.

Borlottie ticks a lot of boxes for us, their bright and airy outlet oozes health and well-being. They put heavy emphasis on fresh produce, they list the nutritional information of all their meals, they’re fans of the hunter gatherer approach, they love good fats and and they have some good high protein lower carb options. They’ve also gone to the effort of getting their beet box, power box and gym box salads endorsed by Crossfit, who are the biggest paleo fans of all.


As promised Borlottie’s salads and hot pots are made to order as you wait. The emphasis is on proteins, good fats, and lots of green and nutrient dense ingredients. Apparently, everything you see has been chopped, prepped & baked that morning by the Borlottie team.


At just 17g of carbohydrate the Caesar salad is one of the lowest carb options on the menu. At first glance the decent sized portion looks like it’s been bulked up with a lot of lettuce. In fact it’s jam packed with chicken, avocado, bacon, parmesan and seeds. The avocado is a great addition – boosting good fats and making it creamy and moreish. With a bottle of swanky San Pellegrino sparkling still this came in under a tenner. Good value for a satisfying lunch.


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